Твиттерные мысли вслух (по-английски) 50-64

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  • Strange observation: the more books a person claims to have read, the more shallow s/he appears in real world situations.
  • Rapid strategy implementation: the best way to make lots of fatal mistakes fast.
  • Writing “how to” books about startups is boring. I choose writing autobiography with success stories (including my current startup).
  • “Great companies” almost always mean “mass redundancies without remorse”.
  • If: a) your app is successful; and b) Apple didn’t offer to buy your company – this will be a new feature of iOS X+
  • You can easily discourage lots of conference-going tirekickers in your organization if you mandate them to write a summary report each time
  • If you’re serious about educating your staff, demonstrate them how good this new study course will look in their resume
  • There is no such thing as “conservative business case assumptions”
  • We thought we knew everything about our customers. After investing $100k into figuring out the missing bits, we’re even more confused now
  • Implementing bad software design is like tattooing a T-shirt on your skin: you can do it only once.
  • Startups are not about the money. They’re about changing the world. One million dollars at a time.
  • Anctacrtica doesn’t have oil, so the penguins have no reason to revolt
  • What market says is not what marketing would say
  • Hiring! A Social Media expert with 10+ years of Facebook/Twitter marketing experience 🙂
  • Note to myself: complexity is not conspiracy

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  1. Хе, я единственное, что запомнил у Павлины — это то, что он считает чтение книг чем-то важным и читает книгу в неделю. Запомнил потому, что был/есть несогласен.