Kraynov Investments

Kraynov Investments is formerly known as KMG Mobile Investments.

Kraynov Investments is looking for companies developing products and services for mobile phones. Based in Sydney, Australia, we do business in US, Canada, Australia, UK and New Zealand and welcome companies from around the globe to submit their proposals or information about their products and services for our review. Our affiliated companies are recognized leaders in Australia and United States with highly efficient winning business models.

Here’s how we’re going to build our relationship:

  • You submit information about your mobile-related products and services
  • We evaluate them and try to put your products and services into the context of our product line and client offering
  • If your technology seems to be a good addition to our portfolio, we allocate our resources (staff and budget) to evaluate your offering
  • Once the evaluation is complete, we decide whether we want to:
    • become your clients, or
    • invest in your company, or
    • buy your technology outright.

Please contact us at mobile AT for more info.

Same information in Russian.

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