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Update from 24 February 2008. This service is no longer active. The reasons for this decision are listed here (in Russian).

We know you’ve got a product or a service with enormous potential. You’re almost there, and there’s just one thing remaining – your English-speaking customers need to know about your product or service. Here comes the most important question: HOW? The most obvious and convenient solution is hiring a native English-speaking Marketing Manager capable of defining and handling all your product promotion tasks.

It may not make sense for you to hire a full-time Marketing Manager in order to establish your presence in the US or an English-speaking country:

  1. It can eat your startup’s money
  2. It takes a lot of time to hire and motivate the person, and you won’t utilize your Marketing Manager at full capacity.
  3. Hiring your fellow countryman possessing some English language skills without deep knowledge of the English-speaking markets may not bring the results you anticipate and can put your time-to-market strategy at risk.

Are there any other options that save on time and cost? Luckily, YES!

Our network of native US and Australian Marketing Specialists (each having 3-5 years hardcore marketing experience in software and media industries) will serve as your marketing department. You will achieve results as if you had your own Marketing Manager (or even the morale of a whole marketing department), but you will only pay for the time spent on your tasks.

By utilizing our service, you will be able to get peace of mind in the following areas:

  • Writing press-releases for the right audience. Writing a generic press-release without knowing where it’s going to be published is a total waste of time and money. We can advise you on publishing your press-releases in the most appropriate news feeds and will customize it for each of such feeds if necessary.
  • Writing your company’s newsletters and client correspondence. A newsletter is a perfect way to stay in touch with your former and existing customers and it contributes to increasing your customer’s lifetime value.
  • Writing contents of your company’s web site. You need a web site that sells, and you can’t settle for mediocre content.
  • Developing product whitepapers for various events – from coffee shop meetings to global exhibitions.
  • Developing your short- to mid-term marketing strategy. Where is your company going? Are there any other customers you might target with your product or service? What steps and when do you need to make in order to gain market acceptance of your product or service?
  • Media buying – we can assist you with buying online, TV or print advertising.

Interaction between you and us is very simple:

  • You send us an email containing the following information:
    • description of your product or service and its web site address
    • type of service you require (i.e. “We are looking for help with writing/developing ….“)
    • deadline
    • approximate budget on item requested or marketing budget
  • We are going to analyze the information you’ve provided and will send you our estimate of tasks involved and the cost breakdown for each of the costs
  • Once we agree on the costs and deadlines, members of our marketing staff will start working on the assignments.

Please send all your correspondence to max_kraynov_com1.png.

Click here to download samples.

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