the war

The cold and heartless mud that we trudged through
Reflects the repressed emotions
Of all my fellow men
And their sorrow-filled loved ones.

The bleak, barren and empty landscape,
An endless expanse of the
Raw, destructive and land flattening force
Crushing all of us like a bulldozer.

Dry and bitter, the only tastes in my throat
Give me thoughts of my bitter
And abrupt leave from my home,
To the pointless expanse of killings
And pain.

As my fellow men and I
Sit on the wooden railings,
A futile reminder flashes through our minds:
We are still going to be here,
Hearing fireworks and screams of agonising pain,
Hearing cheers of victory from my country,
Yet the silence of defeat from my troops.

The stench in the air,
The fear of my comrades
Plagues the air,
That noxious gas that threatens us all.
Hoping that our hearts of steel
Were not in vain.

Turned into pointless, murdered carcasses
We come back one after one,
Day after day,
Lie after lie.

© Steve Kraynov

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One Response to “the war”

  1. Удвивительные стихи, потому что в таком возрасте и в такой среде, которые не располагают к такому переживанию. Интересно, это по д впечатлением чего-то конкретно или нет?